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Pixie haircuts 2018

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Pixie haircuts 2018

Pixie haircuts 2018, The year we’ve already entered in is bringing us many new trends and styles in every field. The thing that has entered through the big door are pixie haircuts 2018, who threaten to dominate the world of hairdos. What we can say is that, if you have ever found yourself wondering “to pixie or not to pixie”, we came in just the right moment to help you. Yours is to say “yes”, the rest is up to us.

Pixies for women

Although many people (both men and women) tend to call pixie haircuts 2018 boy style haircut, ladies who have decided to “pixify” their hair shouldn’t be afraid at all. Although ultimately short, this hair cut is not at all the one that will make you look mannish, on the contrary, it will reveal your best qualities. Pixies are becoming more and more popular as the time goes by, so the only limit you have is your imagination.

Among many pixie haircuts 2018 all the women will definitely find something appropriate for themselves. Whether cut it very short, or decide to leave some interesting long bangs, color it on the whole, or just some part, whether you prefer elegant or reckless hairdo, just go to your hairstylist and ask him “to cut you pixie” and he’ll know what to do.

Pixies for men

Well, this part may sound a bit contradictory because pixie haircuts 2018 and the ones before are actually haircuts for men, only because they are the part of the group of short hair cuts. Because these cuts have mostly become the part of women’s styling, men are even afraid of mentioning it let alone having it indeed.

But this picture is wrong because this hairdo, originally used by men will only help guys look even more masculine. Beauty is no longer only lady’s thing, so men should feel free to explore and proudly wear some of pixie haircuts 2018. The only guilt lies in the name for this cut, because due to that men feel embarrassed to ask to have that thing done on their heads. Anyway, when you come to think of punk and rock stars, great number of them had pixie, and billions of girls sighed for them, not even thinking of considering that cut feminine.

Pixies for children

When talking about little boys, this subject is not a problem, because it is expected that little gentlemen will have short haircuts. But when talking about tiny princesses, pixie haircuts 2018 have changed the kids’ style. It is no longer shocking to see a little girl wearing short hairdo, because parents are starting to have more and more contemporary ideas, and want their children look unique from the very first step. So why not let the kids look cute with one of pixie haircuts?


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